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  • SUFEN 240EC (Oxyflourfen) - pre and post emergence herbicide for control  broad leaves weeds on onions and garlic.
  • BROMO 450 MC (Bromoxonily + MCPA) - post - emergence herbicides for cereals.
  • OTIL360SL – (Glphosate) - for land preparation.
  • SUBAGRAM 660 SC (Atrazine + S-metalachlor) - pre - emergence for maize, wheat, millet and sorghum.

We also have herbicides for post pre-emergence control of weeds, grasses in rice, beans, legumes, tobacco, sunflower, cotton, potatoes and wheat.




  • SUME 40EC (Dimethoate) - for sucking pests.
  • VERTIGO 1.8%EC (Abamectin) - mites, thrips and leaf miners.
  • BLAST (Lambdacyhalothrin + Acetamiprid) - insecticide for thrips, whiteflies and aphids etc.
  • SOTIVA 250WG (Thiamethoxame) - sucking pests.
  • SUBAGRAIN DUST (Chloropyrifos Methyl + Alpha Cypermethrin) -  for grain storages.
  • SUBACHLO55EC (Chloropyrifos + Cypermethrin) - aphids, thrips, caterpillers and scales etc.

We also have Insecticides for control of all pests, soil insect and seeds dressing.




  • SUTHANE 80WP (Mancozeb) - leaf spots, rust, down mildew and antracnose.
  • RIDOSUPER 72WP (Mancozeb + Metalaxyl) - late and early blight, P.mildew and pythium.
  • KUMULUS DF (Sulphur) - powdery mildew and mites.
  • SUBATEX 300EW (Tebuconazole + Tridemenol) - blight, powdery mildew and rust.
  • SUBATIL 250EC (Propiconazole) - rust, net both, blight and leaf spots.

We also have fungicides for control and treatment of fussarium, anthracnose, botrytis and CBD.




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